Greetings! Our Couples Retreat E-Course is finally here.

We know personally and professionally how hard life can be right now with so many stressors circulating in our world. This can take a huge toll on relationships.

Rather than take your stress out on your partner, learn how to make your relationship a refuge of safety, comfort, and connection.

Our Roadmap to Intimacy E-Course is a didactic video series that takes couples on an educational journey as if they are participating in our couples retreat. Except better because:

1) You can take the course from the privacy of your own home.

2) At your own pace.

3) Rewind when you need.

4) Return to the sections that need a little extra support.

Here’s what you will gain:

  • A tune-up for the foundation of your emotional relationship

  • Tools to connect physically and sensually

  • At-home exercises towards optimum sexual intimacy.

The Backstory…


Daniel and I created Roadmap to Intimacy together as we started to process hard cases from the office.

We wanted a protocol that would help couples see a map of where we begin and where we want to go.

Based on material from other psychological theories and clinical sex therapy, as well as our own innovative ideas, Roadmap to Intimacy is a four-step program for creating emotional safety and trust so that deeper connection and sexual intimacy can be accessed and explored.

For more details on each stage, keep reading.

  1. We start with Emotional Intimacy for a foundation of safety and trust. This section leads couples through communication exercises to cultivate a culture of generosity and reciprocity, both of which are essential antidotes to withholding and resentment.
  2. From here, we take couples into Physical Intimacy. Our belief is that when couples can regulate their own nervous system, they can feel empowered to more deeply connect without stress and activation.
  1. Then we enter into Sensual Intimacy. This section is not about intercourse. Rather, we teach couples how to experience a spectrum of sensation and increase their options to connect and touch one another. Here, we also learn the art of flirting and general invitations for connection.
  2. Lastly, we move to Sexual Intimacy. We support couples to fully access all erotic options possible to their unique relationship. We learn how to circulate excitement, navigate high arousal while also creating a container of safety, and utilize fantasy and erotic themes.

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