A for Aphrodisiac with Dr. Chelsea

Can an Almond a Day Keep Low Desire at Bay? What is an Aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is any food, drink or drug that stimulates sexual desire

When someone mentions the word “aphrodisiac,” what comes to mind? Like me, you might think of oysters and the promise that somehow in their slimy midst they have special properties that boost sexual desire. Aphrodisiacs are actually thought of as any food, drink or drug that stimulates sexual desire. They have been used all over the world and even since fifth century B.C.—which is when Hippocrates would prescribe honey to aid in sexual excitement.

Although aphrodisiacs are advertised to increase desire, they work instead on heightening arousal and the sensations in your body. They help the body become more energized, similarly to the sugar in Hippocrates honey prescription. Other aphrodisiacs, like chocolate and ginger, aid in supporting a healthy body so it can be primed for sexual activity. Aphrodisiacs like chili peppers and wine can mimic sexual excitement leaving you feel hot and flushed.

For more visual excitement, some people enjoy foods that symbolize sexual organs, like almonds and the plump black bean. But boosting the libido is not as easy as slurping down a few oysters or taking a brave bite of a chili pepper. When we have an open mind, we can open our body to sexual excitement. And if that means having a small boost from an aphrodisiac, even if it’s just a placebo effect, go ahead and enjoy that dark chocolate covered crunchy almond!