Clinical and Professional Sex Therapy

The Intimacy Institute offers professional, clinical, and compassionate sex therapy.

Dr. Jenni and Daniel are licensed and certified therapists, with over a decade of being partnered together. They have professional, personal, and parenting experience to elevate your relationship to the next level.


Sex therapy is a specialized area of psychotherapy. At the Intimacy Institute, we have a measured approach for assessing issues, understanding a diagnosis, and creating a comprehensive treatment plan.
We find it essential to drawing upon the natural strengths of each client. From there, we use a solution-focused, skills-based approach to understanding and treating the presenting concern. Since sexual experiences often take place in the context of relationships, we use a comprehensive model of intimacy and emotionally focused therapy (EFT) to enhance sexual and emotional connection.
For sexual dysfunctions, we teach specific behavioral exercises to address sexual concerns so that clients learn how to be students of their own and their partner’s sexuality. Because the mind cannot be separated from the body, we integrate somatic awareness. Learning how to be intelligently embodied helps us connect with our desire and arousal to become more sexually alive.
Both individual and couples sessions are educational with techniques and tools to help clients develop a more satisfying use of their personal capacities. Please note there is never any nudity or sexual behavior in session. We send clients home with practical, homework exercises, often supplemented with relevant readings and/or videos.
Sex therapy is for Everyone. At the end of the day, being human means we are sexual beings. As sexual beings, we all carry complex sex histories. These sex histories include lifelong family and societal messages that affect our sexual functioning, body image, and relationships. Sex therapy can help a person explore his/her past sex history and find solutions to enhance the present and future.
For individuals, sex therapy can help heal a sexually distressing past, facilitate sexual function, or explore psychological blocks preventing full expression of emotional and/or sexual intimacy in a relationship. For couples, sex therapy can help heal infidelity, enhance sexual and emotional communication, find new ways to reconnect, or explore alternative sexual expressions.