A couple’s retreat ecourse that will start you on a journey to grow your relationship emotionally, physically, sensually and sexually. 

We know, personally and professionally, how hard life can be right now. With so many stressors circulating in our world, our relationships take the brunt of this. Sound familiar?

Rather than take your stress out on your partner, learn how to make your relationship a refuge of safety, comfort, and connection.

Purchase the Roadmap to Intimacy today to improve intimacy in your relationship.

Our e-course takes you on a journey through the four types of intimacy you can cultivate with your partner:

emotional intimacy — creating a foundation of safety, trust, and communication 

physical intimacy — finding your inner calm to be an anchor for another

sensual intimacy — learning to flirt,  touch, and connect in a non-genital, but full-body manner

sexual intimacy — broadening mutual eroticism in new ways

Our four part video series is designed to help couples build higher levels of intimacy with one another like you were participating in one of our couples retreats, but from the comfort of your own home.

Take our lessons with you wherever you are. Watch our instructions on gaining a deeper sense of intimacy with your spouse or partner with lifetime access to our ecourse.

How It Works 

The Roadmap to Intimacy course is unique in that it encourages couples to explore different aspects of intimacy, beginning with emotional intimacy and ending with sexual intimacy. We have designed this course over our 12-year career and are offering it to you without class size restrictions, or hours-long live workshops that you have to share with five other couples.

One to one engagement, just as it should be.

This course covers a wide range of areas, from how to communicate effectively with your partner and how to use physical touch to build trust and connection, to educational information around how your body deals with stressors and how to regulate your nervous system when wanting to connect with your partner.

Learn at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home with hours of our digital course content. 

The Roadmap to Intimacy course gives you the freedom to follow along with different exercises, repeat activities as you go along, and try out carefully crafted conversation starters that help develop you and your partner’s intimacy.


Meet Jenni and Daniel

Husband and wife team Jenni and Daniel are clinical sex therapists at the Intimacy Institute. They have led hundreds of couples to heal and grow their relationships for almost 12 years. 

Jenni is a certified sex therapist with a doctorate in Clinical Sexology and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Jenni is also a writer and speaker and has been featured in numerous publications such as Huffpost, Shape Magazine, Women’s Health, Buzzfeed and more. Dr. Jenni is the in-house resident expert at Adam and Eve, America’s largest sex toy company.

Daniel is a sex therapist and a licensed marriage and family therapist with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and co-directs the Intimacy Institute with his wife, Jenni. Through cotherapy and individual sessions with couples, Daniel offers men a safe space to explore their sexuality and redefine masculinity patterns that are not working for them.

Together, Jenni and Daniel created the Roadmap to Intimacy  ecourse as they started to process hard cases from their office. They wanted to create a course that provided a map of intimacy that gave couples the tools to grow closer emotionally and physically in the safety and intimacy of their own homes.

Based on material from other psychological theories and clinical sex therapy, as well as their own innovative ideas, Roadmap to Intimacy is a four-step program for creating emotional safety and trust so that deeper connection and sexual intimacy can be accessed and explored. 

Exploring Intimacy through the ecourse

  1. We start with Emotional Intimacy for a foundation of safety and trust. This section leads couples through communication exercises to cultivate a culture of generosity and reciprocity, both of which are essential antidotes to withholding and resentment. 
  2. From here, we take couples into Physical Intimacy. Our belief is that when couples can regulate their own nervous system, they can feel empowered to more deeply connect without stress and activation.
  3. Then we enter into Sensual Intimacy. This section is not about intercourse. Rather, we teach couples how to experience a spectrum of sensation and increase their options to connect and touch one another. Here, we also learn the art of flirting and general invitations for connection.
  4. Lastly, we move to Sexual Intimacy. We support couples to fully access all erotic options possible to their unique relationship. We learn how to circulate excitement, navigate high arousal while also creating a container of safety, and utilize fantasy and erotic themes.


What you will learn with this ecourse

  • Communication techniques to bring about openness and closeness in your relationship
  • Practical ways of living out the 5 Love Languages in everyday life
  • Conversation starters that can help develop healthy and intimate conversations 
  • Educational tips where you’ll learn about your personality, nervous system and hormones that will help you feel empowered within your own body
  • Relaxation rituals and breathing exercises to bring a sense of calm, safety and connection to your relationship

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