Couples Retreat 2019 — April 13th & 14th in Boulder, CO

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Stuck In Mechanical, Transactional Sex?

Embark on an adventure through our time-tested curriculum based on our upcoming book, Roadmap to Intimacy, during our Couples Retreat!

As a husband-wife team, we practice what we preach. Being both clinical sex therapists and married with two young kids, we personally and professionally understand the struggles of keeping good sex alive. In our office, we have both led hundreds of couples through an integrative and intentional program to heal and grow relationships. We build emotional safety that supports the bridge into physical, sensual and sexual connection. For our retreat, no explicit sexual contact is conducted during program hours.

Participants will be able to walk away with:

A) An understanding of how we get stuck in a rut regarding the most common sexual problems.

B) A new (time-tested) approach to healing the most common sexual concerns.

Get out of that sexual rut and escape stagnation!

Revitalize your sex life once more at the Spring 2019 Couples Retreat!

Date: April 13th & 14th, 2019

Our premise is the following: Safety—> Connection—>Intimacy

  1. We start with Emotional Intimacy for a foundation of safety and trust. This section of the retreat leads couples through communication exercises to cultivate a culture of generosity and reciprocity, both of which are essential antidotes to withholding and resentment.
  2. From here, we take couples into Physical Intimacy. Our belief is that when couples bond through shared, physical activities, they are able to also visualize new, shared goals together, recreating their ideal dream of what a shared life can look like.
  1. By day two, we are ready to enter into Sensual Intimacy. This section is not about intercourse. Rather, we teach couples how to experience a spectrum of sensation and increase their options to connect and touch one another. Here, we also learn the art of flirting and general invitations for connection.
  2. Couples walk away from the weekend with plenty of home-play ideas and a toolbox of useful, practical skills to succeed in Sexual Intimacy. We support couples to fully access all erotic options possible to their unique relationship. We learn how to circulate excitement, navigate high arousal while also creating a container of safety, and utilize in-the-moment communication.

Date: April 13th & 14th, 2019

Time: 9 AM – 5 PM, Saturday & Sunday

Location: The Bradley Boulder Inn | Boulder, CO

Cost: $699/couple

*Retreat cost includes the following:

  • Weekend Program with Dr. Jenni and Daniel, and a complimentary couples session one week post-retreat
  • Breakfast & Lunch included
  • Hotel stay not included- Check out Air BNB or find hotels around Boulder

**Programming ends at 5 PM each day for couples to explore Boulder and enjoy dinner on the town.

**Because our retreats are intimate and experiential, we have limited spots – 10 couples only. Sign up ASAP!

To register, please email or fill out the form below. Give us a call if you have any questions at (720) 331-3354.