FREEDOM: Supporting People Pleasers with Finding Their Voice

Half-day workshop with Chelsea Holland

Freedom comes from living a life that you want to live rather than meeting other’s expectations. This Freedom happens when your Core Self is leading you through life. Instead, you may have a part inside of you that hasn’t quite gotten the memo – the People Pleaser part. This side of you has you responding to others with things like “that’s fine with me” when maybe it isn’t. It also has you give “yes” as a default answer to requests when another side of you is wishing a “no” came out your mouth. The People Pleaser side is focused on avoiding conflict or rocking the boat at all costs. If you find these aspects showing up in your life you likely have a People Pleaser part of you that keeps trying to run your life and is pulling you further away from Freedom.

people pleaser problems

In this half-day workshop, Dr. Chelsea will help you move toward a life of Freedom through learning the positive intent of why and how your People Pleaser keeps jumping into the driver seat of your life, as well as the unfortunate consequences that emerge. You will also come away with tools for living a life of Freedom which is guided by the needs and values of your Core Self rather than by the reactive position of your People Pleaser. Included is a unique and helpful way to say “no” that honors your Core Self while also not coming across as “mean” or “selfish”.

Whether you have recently identified your People Pleaser side and you are just starting your journey to live a life of Freedom led by your Core Self, or if you have been on the journey for years, this workshop will provide you with a greater understanding and helpful tools for boosting your life forward into Freedom.

When: Saturday, October 20, 2018 (9 AM – 12 PM)’

Where: The Intimacy Institute, Boulder, CO

Price: $75 per person ($65 before Oct. 1)

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