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2018-2019 Magazines, Podcasts, and Books:

The Intimacy Institute in Dating Advice

Dr. Jenni joins the Adam & Eve team as Resident Expert.

Dr. Jenni in 5280 – Denver’s hottest magazine.

Dr. Jenni discussing parenting and porn use on The Gospel of Fire Podcast with Eliot Marshall.

Dr. Jenni on Dr. Evan’s Katz’s webinar – the connection between the spine and sex.

Dr. Jenni on Believe, Be Real, Be Bold Podcast – discussing polyamory.

Dr. Jenni on Savvy Sex in 60 seconds.

Dr. Jenni in Oprah Mag discussing jealousy.

Dr. Jenni in Glamour discussing delayed ejaculation, Glamour discussing how to take charge of your orgasm, and How to make sex last longer.

Dr. Jenni in on Julianne Hough going to a sex therapist.

Dr. Jenni in Cosmopolitan on nipple sensitivity in men.

Dr. Jenni in Elite Daily on why people cry during sex.

Dr. Jenni in Rewire discussing romanticizing past relationships, and in Rewire discussing how social anxiety affects our sex life.

Dr. Jenni in Motherly on how to create intimacy without taking your clothes off.

Dr. Jenni in Reader’s Digest on how to improve your sex life in one day.

Dr. Jenni in Playboy discussing the eroticism of the feeder culture.

Dr. Jenni in Cosmopolitan discussing the preference for toe-sucking.

Dr. Jenni in Xtra on how adult toys can improve your sex life.

Dr. Jenni in WeddingWire reveals readiness for a serious relationship.

Dr. Jenni in Livestrong  discussing the psychology behind American sex fantasies.

Dr. Jenni in Bustle on the 9 most common myths sex therapists hear.

Dr. Jenni in Stand Up Colorado discussing healthy sexuality.

Dr. Jenni in Stylecaster discussing sex and a woman’s period.

Dr. Jenni  in PopSugar on how to orgasm from oral sex, and in PopSugar on mutual self-pleasure.

2017 Magazines, Podcasts, and Books:

Listen to Daniel chat with Noah Goldstein of Heartseed Health on the intersection of intimacy, sexuality, and masculinity:

Read what Daniel has to say in Women’s Health:

Listen to Dr. Jenni on Run This World podcast.

Read what Dr. Jenni has to say in Shape Magazine:

Dr. Jenni in Rooster magazine, here.

Dr. Jenni featured in a newly published book on Sex and Cancer:

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