Let’s Talk Sexual Health with Dr. Skyler

5280, Denver’s Magazine, recently published the 2014 Health edition. “We all like to think we like to gab about sex, but Dr. Jenni Skyler, the director of the Boulder-based Intimacy Institute, says we don’t do it nearly enough, especially with our partners. A practicing sex therapist since 2006, Skyler believes sexual health is a critical yet often overlooked component to a person’s overall well-being. We talk with the board-certified sexologist about when you should see a therapist, the hottest research in sex, and the most common problems she sees.”

Dr. Skyler discusses sexual health with 5280

5280 Health: What is sex therapy, anyway?

Dr. Jenni Skyler: It’s psychotherapy related to sexuality, intimacy, and relationships, which includes all aspects of human sexuality, including gender and sexual orientation, alternative behaviors, and compulsivities.

Why do people come to see you?

Couples inevitably come for desire discrepancy. Men come in for erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Women come in with a struggle to orgasm. I also have clients with sexual compulsivity, sometimes called sex addiction.

Do people have a difficult time talking about this stuff?

Yes. It’s easier to have sex with the lights off than to talk about it with the lights on. Most people have shame around sex so they don’t talk about it, even when they need to. The majority of people get silence on the subject as they grow up. And silence speaks volumes. It’s saying you’re not supposed to talk about it.

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