SSRIs and Sex: How Medication Can Impact Sexuality

Dr. Jenni and Dr. Craig Heacock discuss the relationship between SSRIs and sex and how the first affects the latter.

SSRIs and Sex: How Antidepressant Can Impact Sexuality

Sex therapist Dr. Jenni Skyler and psychiatrist Dr. Craig Heacock discuss SSRIs and sex, particularly the effects of medication on sexuality. Dr. Jenni can be found at The Intimacy Institute and Dr. Craig and his informative podcast on mental health can be found on his website. This video is brought to you be Adam and Eve. Below is our full discussion.

To learn more about Dr. Heacock’s practice and podcast, visit his site or read about him and his podcast below:

“I believe that human connection is the foundation of my work. I am not just a “med doctor”; I am both a committed physician and a psychotherapist. Sometimes I serve as a patient’s primary therapist, with other patients I happily collaborate with therapists in the community.”
“In addition to clinical work, I co-produce and host a psychiatric storytelling podcast called Back from the Abyss. These are stories of hope and healing, where people describe their plunge into psychiatric darkness and how they got out.”
“How do we find a way out of the darkest depths of despair? Psychiatrist Dr. Craig Heacock hosts a deep dive into powerfully moving stories of hope and healing, as well as topical explorations of psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and psychedelics.”